Monday, April 25, 2011

Typography II - Journal Entry #12


She fascinated me when she talked about her design work for "Citi" Bank. She explained how she is not a refiner, most of her best work is done quickly and one the first or second try. When she was hired on to do the logo design for Citi, she met with the executive and then moments after leaving his office drew the logo on a napkin. It was done. Quick and simple. A problem with this, she say, thats a lot of clients like to buy process and she doesn't usually have it. But she had displayed that her talents with illustrative typography greatly outweigh the need for process. I would ask her if she has some kind of MENTAL process she goes through in order to come up with her creative ideas so it more than just "instinct?"


He shocked me when he said that his "lack of training" is what was his greatest aid. He started doing magazine layouts and just did what felt right to him, and was told later what his guidelines where. This was both a good and bad thing. He felt (and still feels) that ones work should be a reflection of one's personality, one's imagination, what is inside. To me his greatest point was when he said that design is n't about making something ugly, hard-to-read, pretty, or any physical attribute. It's about INTERPRETATION and what you do with it. I would ask him what kind of feedback he got from other professionals and readers in regards to his odd and interesting magazine layouts.


His video starts of with one quote that really hit home with me. "I believe that the life of a designer is the life that is very much between two sensibilities; that of a business man and that of an artist. And everybody kind of has a sense of where they fit in that spectrum." He also points out that if you have a relationship to art or art history you are blessed with a tremendous gift. You have the ability to give a precious gift to culture. A gift that allows people to have something in common: the love of art. This has potential to prevent war, hard times and hard feelings. It can pierce through any kind of hardship. His words really were moving and reminded me why I became a designer and an artist in the first place. If I could ask him one question I would ask him about his life and his work and see if I could determine the source and outcome of all his gathered wisdom and insight into the world of a designer.

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