Monday, February 7, 2011

Audience Personas: THE BOOK OF LOST THINGS.

Quincey is a fourteen year old science fiction enthusiast who loves reading any sort of fantasy material he can get his hands on. He enjoys reading long novels that tell of daring adventures, and dangerous situations that, in reality, Quincey will never find himself. His social life is nothing special, and this is the main reason why his idols are big, burly barbarians in all his adventures novels. These rugged adventurers compensate for his lack for “manly” graces. He wishes to read these novels and adopt some of the qualities of these characters in order to improve his moves and increase charisma, however it often backfires and makes people think he’s even more of a oddball.

Barbara is a forty-three year old mother, living in Kansas with two kids and works hard for her local school district. Her job and family keep her very busy and she rarely ever has a spare moment to sit down and enjoy reading a good book. However when she does get the chance, she loves to read books that take her away from the reality of her busy life and let her mind wander into another world. Fiction books are her reads of choice and she, surprisingly, has managed to complete quite an number of them all while completing all of her budgeting, spreadsheets, presentations and, of course, saturday night dinner.

Richard is a twenty year old college student who has much difficulty filling his free time. He often gets very bored and (as a film major) never seems to have much homework. He likes to fill his time by reading books that inspire his creative mind. He aspires to be the next Leonard Maltin and create the next “Star Wars-esque” movie. Reading all of these different fiction novels help him visualize different cinematic ideas that could potentially help him really this dream and maybe make him millions one day!

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