Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Typography II - Journal Entry #2

Dieter Ram's: ten principles of good design.

Ram's take on the success level of a design is based predominantly on the connection it establishes with the user/viewer. His rules list that good design must be innovative, useful, understandable and unobtrusive. All of these qualities have a direct user effect and make for a more enjoyable and friendlier experience with a design/product. This experience and interaction with the consumer is of up-most importance, but the design must also maintain a certain level of aesthetic value, honesty, timelessness, friendliness and simplicity in order to be considered GOOD design. If a design meets all of these requirement then it will easily cross the dividing line between (simply) effective design and good design.

Don Norman: three ways good design makes you happy.

Don Norman used to be concerned solely on the functionality of a design and thought that the overall value of a specific design we reflected in that functionality and how well it performed it. Since, however, he has grown to have a deep fascination with the aesthetic quality in design and has discovered that EMOTION brought on by "pretty" qualities in design can lead to better understanding and functionality in products. Certain emotions cause certain stimulating brain activity in many different ways that can effect the perception and usage of a design, and he reiterates that the way a design LOOKS is just as important as the way it is used and functions.

Question: What pivotal moment drew you to this new-found interest in the aesthetic and beautiful qualities in design? Can you offer advice to those of us that wish to view design from BOTH standpoints (functional and beautiful)?

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