Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Paper :)


Being introduced to such a wide cast of creative individuals was so intriguing and watching them do what they do best (create) was very inspiring. As a young designer, it is refreshing to see so many grown people who have taken their dreams and talents and made something of them. “Like going from a regular freak to a cooler freak.” Each person had something meaningful and wise to say about their creative form and they all rested under the umbrella of “Do-It-Yourself” artist. One artist explains how much of a tragedy it is to lose your creative drive and power when you transition from childhood to adulthood. “As a child, you start off as a “Do-It-Yourself” creator since their isn’t anyone else there to create for you and satisfy your powerful imagination.” It really is an unfortunate happening when one loses touch with their imagination, but many people suffer that same fate. But for the few that maintain that connection with their “inner child” then they are capable of making something out of that imagination in the form of a potential career.

However, it is explained that these creative folks can rarely be categorized into tags of artwork. You can’t call one person a strict painter, or sculpture or photographer, they are all just artists. It’s a concept that we all should adopt and use. We shouldn’t restrict our endeavors to one route of art. As creators, our main duty to our work is to explore and discover new, innovative creative routes to travel. This is what makes it so much fun and keeps us wanting more. Creative people have an amazing power in their grasp. A power that leaves behind much visual residue and has the potential to leave that individual’s mark on peoples conscious and even history. Use it and embrace it.

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