Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Typography II - Journal Entry #5

Jonathan Harris Talk

The whole thing was very deep and interesting to me. He describes his life working as an artist but also as a computer scientist and how different those two paths are. On one spectrum you have the work of an artist which is free-roaming and expressive while on the other you have a computer scientist's code work which is deeply analytical and structured. It must have been extremely difficult to juxtapose both of those frames of mind, and by displaying his balloon-online dating interface he shows that he was definitely capable. However he then furthers his thoughts onto the fact that after completing his dating project, he then realized how technology-dependent our current society has become, how everyone chooses to interact via a mobile device or a computer program rather than actual physical interaction. It's kind of sad. And he establishes that technology can overwhelm people and make them not only anonymous but less "feeling" as well.

I've always agreed that the advance of technology is a great thing, but humankind must not forget that technology and the world it exists in is not the same as the realim that WE dwell in. Be careful not to get lost in that other realim, even if you're people like us to constantly use it for their careers. You may find to be a happier person if you balance time amongst the two worlds. :)

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